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Green Arena

We have clear procedures in place to achieve environmentally responsible printing. These are regularly reviewed to ensure they are up to date.

At Arena, being oriented to environmental considerations is much more than
a sales strategy or a form of corporate branding. We believe that sustaining the world around us is vital to our future.

In choosing Arena, you can be sure your printed products will be produced responsibly.


Electrical power at Arena is from 100% renewable sources.

Environmental Credentials

Arena is FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified. Our credentials for environmental printing are constantly being updated.

Inks from Renewable Sources

The vast majority of inks used at Arena are vegetable based.

Blanket Wash

Arena uses washes that have significant environmental qualities.


At Arena we recycle all our waste plates, chemicals and paper. Proper attention
is paid to the separation of materials for waste management.

Computer to Plate

Recent technical developments in printing now allow us to by-pass the use of film altogether by going direct to plate from computer files. This is a major contribution to improving the environment because it bypasses film and associated chemicals. At Arena we have phased out film altogether.

Paper Stocks

Availability of environmentally friendly paper is changing all the time. At Arena we provide detailed advice on choosing the most appropriate environmentally graded stocks to suit your printing needs.

Emissions and Credit Offsets

Our approach to Greenhouse emissions is to eliminate and minimize them rather than simply achieve ‘carbon neutrality’ by buying credits. However Arena holds
80 acres in the Victorian Central Highlands which is substantially forested with significant sections undergoing re-forestation.


Arena is a FSC® chain of custody certified printer.

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